CX800.1 Test Report and Product Video


Model: CX800.1 Class D 800Wattsx1CH
800W rms Class-D amplifier.
1 ohm load stable.
Double Side PCB and SMD components.
Adjustable Input level, LPF, Subsonic, bass boost function.
Advanced short circuit, overload, over heat and low voltage protection.
Easy bridgeable with same amplifier.
Heavy duty terminals.
Optional wired remote controller.
3 Detailed specs:
3.1 Test Condition.
All the specs were tested with following condition unless noted.
1. Power supply: 14.4V DC power supply
2. Test signal: 80Hz sine wave.
3. Loads: Resistor dummy load.
4. Environment: 25 degree C, open air.
5. Relative humidity: 70%.
6. Instruments: Audio Precision SYS-2322

3.1Output power performance.

Following table is the RMS output power with THD+N value at 5%, 3%, 2% and 1%.
RMS power (1ohm) RMS power (2ohm) RMS power(4ohm)
THD+N=5% 870W 600W 360W
THD+N=3% 850W 580W 350W
THD+N=2% 830W 560W 330W
THD+N=1% 800W 550W 321W
Table 1Output Power with THD
Following chat shows the output power with THD curve at 4ohm load, 2ohm load and 1ohm load.

Chart 1. RMS output power @4ohm with THD

Chart 2. RMS output power @2ohm with THD

Chart 3. RMS power @1ohm with THD

3.3 Frequency Response

1. -3dB frequency response: 14Hz~218Hz.
2. -1dB frequency response: 18Hz~162Hz.

Chart 4.Frequency Response

3.4LPF & Subsonic Filter features

  1. LPF adjustable from 48Hz~218Hz, with 24dB/Oct slope.
  2. Subsonic Filter adjustable from 10Hz~50Hz, with 24dB/Oct slope.

Chart 5.LPF response

Chart 6.Subsonic Filter response

3.5Bass Boost Feature

Bass boost gain adjustable from 0~+12dB.

Chart 7.Bass boost response

3.6 Bass boost frequency

Bass boost frequency adjustable from 30HZ to 80Hz

3.7 THD+N
0.17%  test at 30% full output power, 4ohm load.
3.8 Signal to noise ratio
3.9 Input Level
3.10 Protection System
1. Overload: 
   Protect less than 0.8Ohm load at full rated output power.
2. Short Circuit:
   Full rated power short circuit protect test:  passed.
   Full rated power long last short circuit test: 10 minutes passed.
3. Over temperature:
   Protect while inner temperature over 81 degree C.
4. Low/over voltage:
Protect while power supply voltage lower than 8.6V or over 16.2V.
3.11 Idle current and Efficiency:
1. Idle current: 0.94A
2. Efficiency: 88% at THD+N=1% (4ohm)
3.12 Bridge method
X801 can be bridged with same amplifier through single RCA cable, no addition switch needed. All the adjustable functions on slave amplifier will follow master once be bridged.
3.13 Dimension
This amplifier’s size is at 228mmX280mmX53mm(W,L,H).