DK1800.1 ClassD 1800Wattsx1CH



Main Features:
Model:DK1800  1800Wx1CH
Output circuitry:Class D
Output power(RMS,≤1% THD + N@0.5 ohms):NA
Output power(RMS,≤1% THD + N@1 ohms):1800W
Output power(RMS,≤1% THD + N@2 ohms):1000W
Output power(RMS,≤1% THD + N@4 ohms):650W
Signal-to-noise (@ 1W): >90dB
Maximum power:1800W
Signal Inputs:RCA
Distortion (SMPTE-IM):NA
Amplifier Protection:YES
Input Sensitivity :0.2V-5V
Dimensions (L x W x H):341x140x54mm


1800W RMS Class-D amplifier.
1 ohm load stable.
Double Side PCB and SMD components.
Adjustable Input level, LPF, Subsonic function.
Advanced short circuit, overload, over heat protection.
Advanced clip limit / thermal power limit function.
Optional remote controller.

3 Detailed Specs:
3.1 Test Condition.
All the specs were tested with following condition unless noted.
1. Power supply: 14.4V DC power supply
2. Test signal: 80Hz sine wave.
3. Loads: Resistor dummy load.
4. Environment: 25 degree C, open air.
5. Relative humidity: 70%.
6. Instrument: Audio Precision SYS-2322A.
3.2 Output power performance
Following table is the RMS output power with THD+N(<22KHz) value at 5%, 3%, 2% and 1%.
RMS power (1ohm) RMS power (2ohm) RMS power(4ohm)
5% 1980W 13100W 760W
3% 1900W 1280W 740W
2% 1880W 1190W 720W
1% 1800W 1050W 650W
Table 1Output Power with THD+N
Following chart shows the output power with THD+N curve at 4ohm loads, 2ohm loads and 1ohm loads.

Chart 1. RMS output power @4ohm with THD+N
Chart 2. RMS output power @2ohm with THD+N
  Chart 3.RMS power @1 ohm with THD+N

3.3 Frequency Response

1. -3dB frequency response: 14Hz~220Hz.
2. -1dB frequency response: 18Hz~170Hz.

3.4 LPF & Subsonic Filter features

  1. LPF adjustable from 48Hz~220Hz with 24dB/Oct slope.
  2. Subsonic Filter adjustable from 14Hz~55Hz with 24dB/Oct slope.

Chart 4.LPF response

Chart 5. Subsonic Filter response

3.5 SUBSONIC LEVEL (0dB, 6dB, 12dB)

3.6 THD+N
THD+N=0.17% @ 370W output power with 4ohm load.
3.7 Input level
3.8 Signal and Noise Ratio 
3.9 Protect Function
1. Overload: 
Protect less than 0.8 Ohm loads at full scale output power.
2. Short Circuit:
 Full rated power short circuit protect test: passed.
 Full rated power long last short circuit test: 10 minutes passed.
3. Over temperature:
 Limit output power while inner temperature reach 75 degree C, protect while inner temperature reach 85 degree C.
4. Low/over voltage:
Protect while power supply voltage lower than 8.6V or over 16.2V.
3.10 Idle current and Efficiency:
1. Idle current: 1.38A
2. Efficiency:  88% when THD+N=1% at 4 ohm.
3.11 Dimension
This amplifier’s size is at 140mmX341mmX54mm(W,L,H).